The love and satisfaction of feeling rebellious while making a statement when wearing ripped jeans is a factor that will remain timeless. The DIY style has been with the world since the late 80's. They were bringing all those from around the world together to see whom could rock it better than the next. That plays out to be a plus because it didn't matter who wore them as it doesn't matter this present day. 

The reason why they're loved so much in society is because there is no definitive style when it comes to expressing yourself. The jeans can have the scraped look, Shredded look, holes look... or if you want to go all out, just combine all three.

Placement is another factor as to why the "Ripped Effect" will never go out of style. It's not out of the ordinary to some 1 in every 4 persons wearing ripped jeans. It seems as though they will remain art projects for those who don't want to purchase pre-done jeans. It's not a youth movement nor old timer flash-back, they are something that any group of people can express themselves by and feel free. Your variations and placement are based upon your emotion and let the jeans speak for themselves. You'll have everyone wonder how the "Ripped Effect" affects and inspires you.

Lewthemessiah, Contributing Writer & Storyteller

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