As I look up the definition of the word " Father" this is what google says, A man in relation to his natural child or children. it also says, a man that gives care and protection to someone or something. I find it very interesting how now we are able to google any and everything we need to know. 

With Father's Day just around the corner, we are giving all the dad's a day where we honor and celebrate them! I'm so honored to have these amazing Father's share their love, thoughts and concerns about how they are able to be the best Father's ever. 

I know all of these amazing guys personally and they are truly a Gem in the lives of their children. They are there to love, teach, inspire and guide their children towards the direction of their dreams while helping them to understand their purpose in their lives. 

I hope you'll enjoy reading this heartfelt feature of four wonderful father's.


Julia Jovone

So gentlemen,  

What do you enjoy most about being a father? and How would you like to be remembered?

The idea of being responsible for a person is absolutely terrifying actually.  
I never thought of fatherhood in that regard…  because my father was a freaking superhero.  As far as I was concerned, I AM concerned, I can always count on him.  He is somewhat of a renaissance man and all around good dude.  So my example was a pretty straight forward one.  So here I am and as far as my kid is concerned, “Pop knows everything”.  This is definitely not true, but I am starting to understand my father more and more because of this.  I get it now.  I love that my son has made me love, respect and understand my father more deeply.  It is a humbling circumstance, charged by God to look after and guide one of His very own.  This is what I love about fatherhood.  I am in love with my son and it permeates throughout all other facets of my life.  It challenges me everyday to be better.  To deepen my relationships with loved ones. 


I am thinking less and less about that.  I am entering a “milestone” year HAHA.  As I look back on some of my experiences, they are beginning to just merge together.  This life is really interesting.  We get to be here to elevate our consciousness.  So it is important to focus on the present.  I am working more towards deepening my present experiences.  I don’t want to live life in a fickle or mundane way.  I want to make the most of it while I am here.  Which is really a task… because any impact I hope to make now, probably won’t be acknowledged until long after I am gone.  That’s fine.  Ultimately it’s not about me.  It’s about the service I can do for God, for His children.  In that regard I guess… as a servant.  Yeah, as a servant. 

Father to: Ananta Jr. (Doogz)
Profession: Artist, Writer, Photographer & Healer
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The things I most enjoy about being a father is knowing that my daughter is the most important gift from god, she will be a part of me forever and it's my duty to nourish and grow this individual into a strong smart intelligent human being. I enjoy when she comes to me for my advice. I like to do things for her to make her happy seeing her smile give me a special feeling. 

I want to be remembered as strong genuine caring father that will make a lot of sacrifices for my family especially my daughter. I want to be remembered as very humble and selfless person.


Father to: Auguste Harris
Profession: Celebrity Barber
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What I enjoy most about being a Father is having the ability to teach my son the things I was not fortunate enough to have taught to me. It gives me great joy to know that he respects me as a leader and friend.

Father to: Joseph Ciafello
Profession: Celebrity Barber in NY, NJ

I would like to be remembered as a Man who took great pride in raising his only son to be a God fearing man. One who worked as hard as he could to provide the best life for his son. A man who taught his son to carry on tradition as a man of Integrity and Grace. 


God bless all the True Fathers out there on Father's Day and every day. 

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What I enjoy most about being a father:
The smile that comes to my face every time I think about my son...even right now as I write about what I enjoy about being a father lol. Knowing that I'm raising a man of the future, that will far exceed anything I've done and I will partially be directly responsible for it.


The joy of hearing my son say "dad" and saying he can't wait to grow up and have a beard like me lol and he told me he wants to be like me...and the feeling is mutual. I'm in love with my little guy, more than life itself.


Father to:Carl Francois Jr.
Profession: Customer Service Representative & Personal Trainer

It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father ~ Pope John xxiii

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I enjoy the actual relationship with my son. The realization that I'm helping shape and mold another life and how that has kinda become like an opportunity to correct many mistakes I've made in my youth. My son is an incredible human being and I feel honored to be in his life


Father to: Julian (JuJu)

Profession: Artist, Writer, Creative Director & Visionaire

As a man who loved being a dad and wanted to help others see it was possible to balance individualism, career and fatherhood.

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Your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever"