Location: New York City

Photographer: Ananta

Stephanie LaCapra is amazingly beautiful inside and out. An incredible genius at heart. Yet there is something even more captivating than her outside beauty. Its the loving spirit and how it unfolds to giving and loving others more. With Autumn/Fall capturing all of our hearts at the moment and we begin to leave behind past. We are beginning to walk into the newness of sweet Autumn days. This is when we take out the time to enjoy the color changing of the leaves  and allow the true beauty of mother nature to take its course. Life is blooming and changing right before our eyes. Be sure to capture the moments and create memories to last a lifetime. 

Take a peek inside the life of our beautiful Lips and Protocol girl Stephanie LaCapra. Enjoy!

NAME: Stephanie LaCapra

PROFESSION: Actress/Model

City: New York City

L&P: WHAT'S YOUR PROTOCOL? (LifeStyle Rules, Fashion, Beauty & Everyday Life. Things you Enjoy)

My relationship with God and Jesus is so important to me, they truly are my best friends. The way I live my life comes through reading scripture, praying and being in community at my church home, HillSong NYC. The foundation of my life is rooted in grace and through that grace I've been blessed to be living as an actress and model in New York City where I get to live out my purpose. Hardships come, opportunity, gifts, joy, failure and tons of rejection are both in acting and modeling, but  I learn from every mistake and win. 

I'm thankful that I've failed so many times because it makes me a stronger artist, giving me confidence to do the work I've been called to do. I believe in being disciplined, focused, hard working and supporting other actors, models and creatives that need help or guidance, lifting the head of the discouraged is so important to me while I do my own work. When it comes to beauty I see it everywhere and I get inspiration for characters and my own style through people I meet or see walking down the streets of New York City. I really love hanging out with my friends, eating at new restaurants and tons of laughter.


My parents always instilled within me to serve the less fortunate and those in need. Since being in New York City, I've volunteereed with Harlem Children Zone, Big Brother/Big Sister, Citizen School, Father's Heart, Rockaway Hope, and Abyssinian Blue Nile Mentorship Program. All of these programs are amazing and so needed to empower the youth and the homeless population at such a crucial point in history right now. 

Since joining Hillsong, the heart of this church is rooted in serving that I'm always blown away by the volunteers. There is a earth-shattering amazing non-profit run by Christine Cain (a powerhouse social activist preacher) called the A21 campaign and its at the forefront of eradicating sex trafficking. If anyone is looking for an organiztion to donate to please check out Right now, I currently serve on the Venue Design Team at Hillsong. I'm grateful to have family, friends and a community that supports my dreams.


I think my AM Beauty Routine starts with a healthy dose of great worship music and lots of warm water. I make sure to cleanse my face properly with warm water and Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser. I live by this product because I have very oily skin which can be a nightmare when I add make-up into the mix. After the cleanser, I follow up with MAC Prep + Prime (as my moisturizer) mainly because I have  yet to find a moisturizer that doesn't make me look greasy. Then I apply Elf's mineral face primer and then my normal make-up routine. I have to wear make-up every day because of acting. It just comes with the territory. I'm a total ELF girl - I start with Elf Flawless Foundation which has a nice SPF of 15, followed by MAC's Mineralize SKinfinish Powder. I add a Maybelline Volume Express Mascara and some light ELF blush. I finish off everything with NYX Matte Finish setting spray.


My PM routine is pretty simple but the basic priority is to remove any make-up so I dont't get acne and have really great clean skin. I use two  absolute make-up tissues. I sometimes mix up the brands and use Simple or another great brand like ponds, it all depends what I feel like my face needs in that particular season. After the tissue fix, I go back to my Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser mixed warm water. As a moisturizer I use Garnier's Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream which has been a recent addition but one I now swear by- its amazing! When I have acne break-outs I use Clinque Acne solutions and for dark spots I use lemon juice or Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot corrector. Every 2-3 days I use Kiehls Deep Pore Cleansing Masque or Clean & Clear Black Head Eraser (Oil-Free) and once a month a nice detoxifying black mask. Every night I mkae sure to add in great worship music and turn off my technology 30 minutes before going to sleep to ensure I have the best sleep ever. I must get at least 7-8 hours a day of sleep - its the skincare product that's free.


A Smile is the prettiest thing you can wear and it can change any atmosphere.


I grew up with a mother who was a seamstress who loved fashion. Georgia LaCapra is and will always be my favorite first fashion memory. I just remember how effortless she always looked while I was growing up with her beautiful herringbone blouses, vintage rider boots and high-waisted wide-legs. As a five year old I always envisioned myself looking just like her, fashionable yet so graceful. Till this day, she is so beautiful. 


My cellphone, the Bible, sugar-free gum, my makeup bag for touch-ups, a journal, headshots and resumes, water, a Nature Valley Oats' and Honey bar and almonds.


Kim Kardashian, that hair and those lashes. She always looks amazing and I love her confidence. 


To love people, love God, Jesus and Love myself. I'm so grateful for grace, because my purpose comes from God; the calling to be an actor and model came from him. If I can share his love with others than at the end of the day I know "Mission Accomplished".

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