Name: Tas Aleeah


Army of Pharaohs


Actress | Artist

Location: Jersey City, NJ

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by, Julia Jovone

From the first moment I was introduced to Tas Aleeah by a mutual friend, I felt immediately drawn by her presence, beauty and her creative spirit. I was excited to have her as one of our Protocol Sovereign Beauties.

Her spirit, her energy and the uniqueness of this brown goddess is impeccable. Tas Aleeah is not only amazingly beautiful, she's a beautiful soul inside and out wrapped up above and beyond her purpose. 

Not only is she a model, but she's an actress, founder of Army of Pharaohs a lifestyle Jewelry/Beauty online boutique and a mom. Tas is walking ahead in her faith and standing firm to whats to come ahead. 

With the newness and the beauty of Spring on our side. Lets join Tas in walking firmly in our faith. For with Faith, its not just a feeling. It's a choice to trust and believe in God even when the road ahead seems a bit uncertain. 

Enjoy and Happy Spring!

Lips and Protocol: So Tas Aleeah, What's Your Protocol?

TasMy lifestyle protocol: be kind, be understanding, be consistently you while open to growth and transparency.  

I try my best to live a simple life: a life with minimal waste, a life full of love and kindness doled out. And a life that does not put importance on the outer beauty of my being.  To remind myself to not focus on my physical beauty, I try to stay as ME as possible.  I refuse to follow fashion trends and “beauty” breakthroughs. I even stopped getting my eyebrows perfectly sculpted every two weeks just so I can feel confident in EVERY BIT OF ME.  

Beauty to me is such an abstract thing, I feel we all need to embrace our true selves in order for society to start accepting the wide range of “beauty” that does exist in the world. 

It’s all about releasing that positive feminine energy into the world where other women around you feel inspired and motivated to push on goodness in a perpetual state.

Tas Aleeah

Lips and Protocol: I see you have a beauty skincare line, Army of Pharaohs. I would love to hear about your AM/PM beauty routine.


Tas Aleeah: My AM Beauty Routine…

Roll out of bed. That it.  Yes I am joking and not joking, all at the same time. I am extraordinarily lazy when it comes to taking care of my beauty.  My best friend literally created an entire skin care line because I am so lazy with my beauty.  I use our organic facial cleanser for my neck and face, the same oil i use on my body i use on my face (sandalwood or lavender depending on my mood) and i spray there times with our organic lavender setting spray to lock in moisture and keep me glowing all day.  

My PM Beauty Routine...

I wish I could be cute and girly and say that I have this grand beauty routine at night…I honestly don’t. I know its embarrassing, I even sometimes fall asleep in my makeup. Shameful!  I’m aware.  The only thing I do consistently do as far as beauty is concerned is oil my body up before bed.  Im thoroughly ADDICTED to organic body oils. 

And yes I shower.  So imagine all the beauty regiments - WITH showers - and brushings of the teeths. 

Lips and Protocol: What's your first fashion memory?


Tas Aleeah: First Fashion Memory…

Its not a specific memory, but when I was younger (age 3,4) I remember ALWAYS wanting to dress immaculately for EVERY holiday!  I wanted to wear my best dresses and socks and shoes. I wanted my mom to braid my hair with ribbons. I just KNEW if it was a holiday it was a day that I needed to slay in my little, pink, princess, dresses.


Lips and Protocol: What is the BEST beauty advice you've ever received?


Tas Aleeah: Best beauty advice I’ve received…

“Be true to your weird self."

Lips and Protocol: On balancing career and entrepreneurship how do you manage?

Tas Aleeah: For me, career and entrepreneurship are one in the same. I have NEVER looked at any job as if i worked for someone. I feel I am an individual company that lends her time to others in order to execute a task or reach a goal/purpose. To me, I am filling myself up with experience so I can morph that energy and transmute it out to the universe with a projection of how EYE see the-trade-of-currency-world should be. Work is work. The only difference between a career and entrepreneurship is working for ones self, ideas and ethos vs. working for another companies formulated structure of corporate success.

  Lips and Protocol: So tell us, what would we find in your handbag? 


Tas Aleeah: In my handbag there is always…

Viva La Juicy Perfume, hand sanitizer, Lavender setting spray, Lavender body oil, protection crystals & any lip balm i haven’t lost yet.  These are my MUST HAVES!

Lips and Protocol: Three Must-Haves products for the makeup bag are…

Black Opal concealer

Army of Pharaohs Setting Spray 

Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics Matte Lip colors.  


Lips and Protocol: Who would you say is your Beauty Icon?


Tas Aleeah: My beauty icon is…

My Great Grandmother Ethel Torres. She went her entire life with our makeup and died in her 90s with beautiful clear skin. She ALWAYS wore heels and could put any 20-something to shame with her proper stiletto walk! Always a lady of grace and poise but will whip your behind if you mess with hers without dirtying her gloves. 


Lips and Protocol: Tas, what's your desire?


Tas Aleeah: My desire is…    

To motivate, inspire and spread as much love as i can.  Too many humans lack those three basic things in their lives.


Lips and Protocol: 

What does it mean to be an empowered female?

Tas Aleeah:

To be empowered is to be confident n yourself, so much so that you can see beauty in other women, you can be supportive to another woman without jealousy or envy.  To be empowered is to be on a positive path of releasing goodness into the world with all you do: career & personal.  It’s all about releasing that positive feminine energy into the world where other women around you feel inspired and motivated to push on goodness in a perpetual state.

Lips and Protocol:

 When you close your eyes and imagine an empowered woman, what do you see?

Tas Aleeah:

Lavada Dale. lol I know this is not a what but she is a WHO.  She is the owner of the amazing new hair care company HAIRCREDIBLE.  I’ve known this woman for over 20 years, it truly has been amazing seeing her blossom into the positive, confident, kind, boss-woman she now is.  She had an idea, worked hard - while supporting/empowering others, stayed strong during the hard times and now has manifested her growing empire in its full growing glory!


Lips and Protocol:  

What’s the difference between being sexual and being sexy?

Tas Aleeah:

Sexual, to me, is an act of some sort; it can be something voiced or an action executed in a sexual manner to arouse a sexual response. Sexy on the other hand, is a persona. It is a way of being that often stems from a place of confidence. Its an aura that floats around unbeknownst to you. Its welcoming, intimidating and unique in a mysterious but beautiful way.


Lips and Protocol:  

 What is the biggest way in which you see women helping women reach empowerment?

Tas Aleeah:

Supporting! I've seen an influx of positive support amongst women. As women become the largest group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. there has also been a great deal of positive support from our sisters in various degrees of help. It seems the days of the, "Mean Girls" mentality is slowly fading and the age of women supporting women has slowly taken the forefront. I believe this has a lot to do with women feeling fulfilled in their careers and gaining confidence as they see  other women set bars needed to be raised. 

Sisterhood is an amazing thing!

Lips and Protocol:

Tell us a little bit about your own personal path of empowerment? What was significant?

Tas Aleeah:

Letting go of the idea that I needed to conform to one standard or another in order to be considered “beautiful”. I spent so much of my young adult life worried that I was not what “beauty” is. The funny thing about it, the more images of “beauty” I studied, the more I realized that I really was trying to inform to EVERY standard of beauty, in waves of “trends”. This is not good for the psyche’. To consistently and perpetually chase an idea that you might never catch makes one feel hopeless.  

I realized in a desperate moment that I will always be myself. I studied my face in the mirror and my body. I then realized that I might not be the standard “beauty” perpetuated in magazines but I have features that other women crave. Some want my long hair.  Others love my eyes. Some get injections to get the natural curves i have in my lips. Once I deconstructed myself, I put myself whole back together but with more appreciation for every piece I had to layer. My rebirth brought me closer to my natural state of being. I craved to find the most beauty I could in the most natural state I could be. Once I realized this mentality made me happier, I noticed my confidence had skyrocketed and I was no longer influenced by other peoples opinion on “beauty”. 

Lips and Protocol:

What role do men play in supporting empowered women? How have men supported you?

Tas Aleeah:

Men have an unbelievable power in supporting empowered women. Being a woman is hard enough with balancing the hardness needed to navigate the everyday world and staying true to one’s own femininity. Some how, men have a way to help us understand exactly the right amount of hardness & femininity needed in order to be proactive in manifesting our dreams.  

For me, I grew most creatively when I felt unconditionally loved and motivated by my partner.  He allowed me to live my true self without judgement on his behalf.  This freedom of judgement infused my weird, creative, mind to explore my own limits by knowing no matter what he would be truthful to me in what i poured my passions into.  A man showing a woman love, support, kindness and understanding is the best way, in my opinion, to spark whimsical confidence in all that she does.  The masculine (father, brother, friend, lover) is an important counterpart to feminine energy’s growth.  

Lips and Protocol:

 How do you take care of yourself everyday so that you stay balanced and centered?

Tas Aleeah:

I take time to find love in the world.  I’m not talking romantic i’m talking human love. I honestly wish I could drop a bomb over the earth and explode an air of unconditional love. For me, finding glimpses of love and filling myself up with feel-good reads, movies and activities - such as yoga, meditation, painting, people watching in a cafe - they ALL help me center back to what life is about: love.  

All these small positives i fill myself up takes place in a time where I am solitary. Having time for myself, allows me to listen to my heart closer.  It helps me breathe deeper.  It helps bring clarity to me. It helps me understand my place in society, which keeps me grounded!