Women Fast Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! What A blessing to rise and welcome a new day! I am so grateful yet excited to welcome back my Women Fast Wednesday. I appreciate you all for joining.

I started Women Fast Wednesday in 2015, time passes so quickly I truly thought I started it three years ago. My purpose then was setting time aside, a day out of the week to commit an entire day to worshipping and giving thanks. I was in a moment of intense healing back then. With committing my self to myself and God, it truly helped to pull me out of that past darkness and focus on my life moving forward. I was dedicated to this routine for three years. and then of course Life happens. I took it from every Wednesday to every once in while. I had so many things I was doing and my work scheduled changed completely.

Fast forward to present, the world is changing right before our eyes. So many of us are experiencing this Pandemic differently than others. I feel that the world has slowed down so that we all can rediscover ourselves, lifestyles and choices we've made. I felt it was time to bring back Women Fast Wednesday because it helped me and a few others regain focus spiritually, mentally and emotionally. With all that is going on around us and having to stay home, it's not easy. However if we can come together as a community and increase our compassion for ourselves and others we can truly get through this by the grace of God. BUT FIRST, we must start with ourselves before we can help anyone else.

Here we are on our first Wednesday together. To begin this day after the full moon yesterday is absolutely perfect! Last Night, I sent an email and text to you all about releasing and letting go what no longer serves you, (including thoughts, people or situations). After doing this during the full moon you have just allowed yourself a fresh start on a new day!

Take your time with yourself today, go slow, move with intention and breathe (Inhaling deep through your nose and feeling your belly with air. then exhaling through your mouth.) Listen and pay attention to your body.

Wednesday April 8, 2020 Morning Affirmation:

"I am the beloved of God, God Spirit rest in me and in me God finds favor"

Repeat this as often as you like. I personally love doing my Morning Affirmation before I get out of bed or after brushing my teeth in the morning while looking in the mirror. I feel it helps to build a more closer relationship with yourself.

Warm liquids in the morning helps with your digestive system and release of toxins.

Fresh squeezed lime juice and warm/hot water, Milk Thistle Tea, Dandelion Root Tea, Ginger Tea, Green Tea. Be sure that you are not adding anything like sugar, honey, cream or milk to any of your teas.

Meditate / Pray.

Its best to get grounded first thing in the morning. Keep in mind there's no right or wrong way to meditate, just meditate. start with sitting in stillness if you like for 3-5 minutes. If you are use to doing it longer you are free to do so, whatever time you feel is good for you.

You can also do mantra meditation. A mantra is an often repeated word or words recited throughout your meditation practice to steady your mind.

Mantra for today: I am that I am.

Stay with your mantra for the day and return to it, when you feel your mind wandering. When your meditation time is up, seal it with an intention

Here's a link to an 3-4 minute grounding meditation that I enjoy.


This is one of my favorite journals to have during my fasting.


The Five Minute Journal is a super easy way to practice gratitude and mindfulness. You are more than welcome to order this or use what you have.

One fun thing I love about journaling in the morning is to allow yourself to write without thinking. Just allow the words to flow. It doesn't matter if they are repeated. Just write and don't loopback on it until later or another day. This is also a great way to vent if you have things on your mind.

Shower, dry skin brushing

Whether you like showers or baths. I personally love a show in the morning and bath at night. Start it off with Dry Skin Brushing. It Feels Divine. This is best before taking a shower or bath. Using a natural organic brush start at the top of your feet and brush up towards your heart and armpits (where your lymphatic drains. Make sure your are going in smooth yet firm strokes towards your heart.

The benefits of Dry Skin Brushing are impeccable:

Increases circulation

Eliminates Toxins/ Detoxify the body

It's exfoliating

Softer, Smoother, Radiant Skin

Invigorating and energizing



Throughout my fast I will do juices, water and teas.

Here is my favorite Green Juice Blend that I have named "J Glow"







Remember you can control your destiny. Be mindful of the desires you are putting out in this world. Get your thoughts clear. With the power of a positive mindset, you can make a positive change, no matter what!

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