Week #4 Women Fast Wednesday

Hello Beloveds!

We have arrived to week #4, our finale for April's Women Fast Wednesday.

I am so proud of everyone for taking out the time to do the work and show up for yourself. I know it can be challenging at times, however, you did it! Be proud of yourselves as well.

This will be our finale for April. We will resume in June and do this every other month moving forward. I will keep you posted with details for sure.

So let's get started for today. I wanted to end April's Women Fast Wednesday with the title of "Peace".

As I was having a conversation with my friend yesterday, we discussed "Peace". She shared that it is what she is needing so bad in her life at this moment. I was reminded of my journey towards peace and how much work I had to do to maintain it. I've learned that peace is within. We create our own peace. Let's look at the definition of peace.

"Peace - freedom from disturbance; tranquility. A state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended. "

Peace can be so many things, from letting go, to calming your mind, decluttering, as well as just finding stillness within. I want you to take time out today and simply say, "Peace be still". It's time to settle the mind and truly dive deep into your peace and be still in this moment. It hasn't left you. It's there within you, waiting to be ignited by those powerful words "Peace Be Still".

I highly recommend listening to Pastor Mike Walrond of FCBC NYC from my home church in Harlem, NY https://fcbcnyc.org

His sermon on "I AM A STORM STILLER" yes that's correct "Stiller" (no mistakes on this wording) is such a powerful sermon. its definitely a must watch.

While cultivating more peace into your lives today, remember, you create your peace of mind by the things you do and you lock it in by incorporating that into your lifestyle daily.

Certain situations will definitely be out of your control at times, however, just remember you are in control of peace. Take each day as it comes and live in the present moment.

Today I would like for you to list your 7 priorities and incorporate them into your life today and moving forward. The more we focus on our priorities the less anxiety and worry we attract in our daily lives, the closer we are to our peace.

Wednesday April 29, 2020 Morning Affirmation:

"Nothing stands in my way of feeling calm and at peace."

Repeat this as often as you like. I personally love doing my morning affirmation before I get out of bed or after brushing my teeth in the morning while looking in the mirrorI feel it helps to build a

more closer relationship with yourself.

Warm liquids in the morning helps with your digestive system and release of toxins.

Fresh squeezed lime juice and warm/hot water, Milk Thistle Tea, Dandelion Root Tea, Ginger Tea, Green Tea. Be sure that you are not adding anything like sugar, honey, cream or milk to any of your teas.


Dandelion Greens



Dinosaur Kale



Remember if you don't like something just take away it's power, your attention. Be mindful of the desires and intentions you are putting out in this world. Get your thoughts clear. With the power of a positive mindset, you can make a positive change, no matter what!

If you are on social media please be sure to hashtag #WomenFastWednesday #WellnessWithJSoul

Thank you all for joining me this month. Until Next time!

Love, Light and Healing Vibrations to you all!

Reiki Master J Soul (Julia Jovone)