Week #3 Women Fast Wednesday

Hello Beloveds!

I would first like to welcome the new members as well as the returning members of our Women Fast Wednesday.

You have made it to week #3 and I am so proud of all of you. It brings me great joy when I read my emails and Instagram DM's with you all keeping me updated on your progress. I do understand that it hasn't been as easy for some. But guess what, you showed up for yourself and kept going. YOU didn't give up and that takes great courage.

I am super excited about today and our focus. Today's new moon is in Taurus and to top it off its Earth Day! The vibes are on an all time high. Start your morning off with, a grounding meditation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXTSsoztc5U this is by far one of my favorites and it will only take literally 4 minutes. With the New Moon in Taurus and Taurus being the first of the earth signs, its definitely a great way to celebrate Earth Day at its finest.

Let's take today to savor in a particular moment. With so many handling this pandemic differently then others, how about we learn to savor in a moment that makes us happy. The art of savoring is stepping outside of your current situation and truly experience life, to review it and to appreciate it more. Savoring intensifies and lengthens the positive emotions that come when you are doing something you love. You would start off by choosing one experience that you really enjoy. It could be a warm bath, your favorite tea or fresh juice, a walk outside or any moment / experience that you really enjoy. Make sure you stay in the moment the entire time. When doing this, really appreciate how blessed you are to enjoy such an amazing experience.

Bringing our focus back to ourselves for the day #WomenFastWednesday, don't forget to love on you a bit more than you did yesterday. Create your own reality. the more you focus on what is actually good for you, you leave no room for thoughts that will weigh heavy on your spirit. If you are finding it rather challenging do not hesitate to call on your angels or ancestors and ask for guidance. It's ok to ask them, this is why they are here for us.

I have listed below I few things for our newbies and I quicker reminder:

Wednesday April 22, 2020 Morning Affirmation:

"I am an alchemist of all energy, of all being, I can transform anything"

Repeat this as often as you like. I personally love doing my morning affirmation before I get out of bed or after brushing my teeth in the morning while looking in the mirrorI feel it helps to build a

more closer relationship with yourself.

Warm liquids in the morning helps with your digestive system and release of toxins.

Fresh squeezed lime juice and warm/hot water, Milk Thistle Tea, Dandelion Root Tea, Ginger Tea, Green Tea. Be sure that you are not adding anything like sugar, honey, cream or milk to any of your teas.






Lime (a splash)

Remember you can control your destiny. Be mindful of the desires and intentions you are putting out in this world.Get your thoughts clear. With the power of a positive mindset, you can make a positive change, no matter what!

If you are on social media please be sure to hashtag #WomenFastWednesday #WellnessWithJSoul

Love, Light and Healing Vibrations to you all!

Reiki Master J Soul (Julia Jovone)