Over 40 and carrying more love in a BIG way!

Never would I have thought I would be blessed beyond my dreams of carrying more love within my body in such a major way. The joy of being pregnant over 40 was something I never thought would of been possible.

With my 3rd pregnancy, yet 4th child on the way I decided, along with my family to keep this pregnancy private so that I'm able to fully enjoy all that this beautiful pregnancy has given us. If I could of went longer than that and waited until baby was actually born I would have. But as for me working in production and taking so many holiday photos it was bound to creep up via social media, so my family and I decided why not share. It's a beautiful thing to be pregnant and create more life within life. So here we are. I'm officially in my 8 month, literally 33 weeks as of today.

Being over 40 and pregnant came as a complete surprise and I've been enjoying every bit of it with my family and close friends without immediately going public and I wanted to share when I was ready, my way. They say each pregnancy is very different from the others and I totally agree! from giving birth to my oldest in my roaring twenties to giving birth to my twin boys in my thirties and now pregnant in my forties is totally different. Quit a spread between the boys and now with baby number 4. However, this time around is totally a different experience. I'm in a totally different space in my life and more grounded with my family by my side.

I'm still a whirlwind of emotions and try to get as much rest as I possibly can. But I'm beyond grateful to share this chapter with my family and you all. I plan to share more soon.

Here's to life, love and all that God has for us. Hello 2019!