by, Julia Jovone


Name: Nicole Johnson

Current Company/Work:

Emmy Award Winning

Wpix 11 New York News / Correspondent

Resides: New York City

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4 Time Emmy Award Winning Journalist News / Correspondent for New York Pix 11 and Rockmom of 2. Nicole Johnson wears many hats as she is the rock of her beautiful family. With Style and Grace this superwoman holds down the fort on and off camera. One of the most sweetest soul's I've ever met. Nicole Johnson is a force to be reckoned with. What a joy to have her as one of our featured Protocol Sovereign Beauty. Not only does her smile light up a room once she's entered, her spirit is yet so welcoming and humbling all at the same time. sit and and enjoy as Nicole shares with us on What's Your Protocol? Hope you'll enjoy!

Lips and Protocol: Whats Your Protocol? (Describe your lifestyle rules, fashion (Style), beauty & everyday life. 

NJ: I love living life and the world knows it. I'm always laughing and smiling. 

My first rule living this beautiful life is to always be true to God, my family, friends and etc. Because with truth there is no such thing as failure. This really relates to everything I do. 

To me life is just like the breaking news live shots that I do everyday as a Journalist. " You only have one chance on live TV, so you better do it right." There are no do overs in life and of course, none when that camera is hot. 

To me there is beauty in credibility and vulnerability. As far as fashion, I'm constantly building my wardrobe. It's like a revolving door (in with the new, out with the old) However, I do keep timeless pieces and add a trend setting statement piece with it. (I.E)

A basic black blazer or a simple wrap dress but with a bold chunky popping necklace or a new pair of shoes. I love playing with colors and textures, I think it keeps me always looking fresh and vibrant. (If I may say so myself) lol.

When I'm not researching stories or writing. I'm cooking for my family. I can cook everything. lol

Lips and Protocol:What's your AM & PM beauty routine?

NJ: For AM, I have a Glass of water. Wash my face. Apply eye cream and moisturizer.

For my PM beauty routine... Same as morning. lol

Lips and Protocol: Do you remember your first fashion memory?

NJ: At 14 years old, I started to wear men's ties. I mean with everything, so I would raid my dad's closet and was in tie heaven. The look was t-shirt, baggy jeans, blazer and a tie. I think I set the trend for the R&B group TLC. 

Lips and Protocol: What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?

NJ: From my mother "Beauty come from inside" She said, "Always wear a smile and be good to yourself and others. You will forever be beautiful" Words I live by now. 

Lips and Protocol: Nicole, your a woman that wears many hats...How do you balance career and entrepreneurship?

NJ: I always prioritize my responsibilities as far as my career as a journalist, running a consultant and production business and being a mom. To me it just like walking. You have to put one foot in front of the other to make it. I tackle one thing at a time, of course I'm always a mother first, everything else falls right in line. 

Lips and Protocol: Can we get a little personal? In your handbag there is always....

NJ: My planner, a large plastic mirror, two cellphones, mints, sunglasses, business cards and perfume. Hand sanitizer and a small pack of wipes. 

Lips and Protocol: What are your three must-have products for the makeup bag?

NJ: Remy Lashes, Covergirl Mascara and lip gloss by MAC

Lips and Protocol: If you had to choose, who would you say your Beauty Icon is...

NJ: If I had to choose just one person, it would be my younger sister Nadia Johnson. She is stunning, confident. However I just see beauty in ALL women.

Lips and Protocol: What's Nicole's desire? 

NJ: My desire travel the world with my family and to also launch my own TV show. Nothing like reality TV or a talk show, more like a hard news show with a test. 

Lips and Protocol: Your such an amazing Rockmom and you do it all effortlessly. Whats does family and the joys of motherhood mean to you?

NJ: EVERYTHING!!!! My family is like the air that I breathe. I love seeing smiles, getting big hugs and kisses. Being a mother is a pleasure, a privilege  and I am so proud. 

I stay up late, wake up early, cook breakfast, go over my son's homework all at the same time. (lol) Then move on to running lines with my fiancé (Actor Sean Ringgold) when he's auditioning for the next role. 

I secretly wear and "S" on my chest for them. The beauty is I don't think they realize how much I Love them all. 

Lips and Protocol: What advice would you give to other young women looking to cultivate their creative passions?

NJ: Neve give up or take no for an answer. Keep working hard, keep reinventing yourself and smile while you are at it. 

Lips and Protocol: What's one ritual you recommend more women adopt to acquire and develop inner beauty and wellness?

NJ: Take time for yourself, pause, breather, enjoy the roses. 

We as women, mothers and professionals are sometimes too busy doing and taking care of everything else that we forget about ourselves. It's ok to get pampered, make it a routine. You can keep it simple but "ME" time is mandatory. "If you are not healthy and strong then you can't save the world"