Name: Megan Morgan

Current Company/Work: Wife, Mother, Public Figure and Entrpreneur

State: New Jersey


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Small Heading

by, Julia Jovone


 As we prepare to enter the Winter Holiday Season, one of my most favorite seasons of the year, we embrace reflection, change, love, peace and joy, while discovering a new direction towards our purpose in life. In this season we find contentment at home by giving more attention to what we already have. This season teaches us that change can be very beautiful.


It is with pleasure to introduce a true definition of a rockmom, supportive wife and entreprenuer. 

Mrs. Megan Morgan tells us how she handles it all publicly and behind the scenes, and might I add, she balances it very well.

She's the wife to one of the most leading and funniest men in Hollywood, actor and comedian, Tracy Morgan and an amazing mom to the most adorable little princess, their daughter, Maven. 

 It's such a pleasure to have Megan as one of our Protocol Beauties. She is definitely a breath of fresh air paired with the most beautiful smile, humbling spirit and loving heart. 

Get to know this super woman on another level as she lets us in on her day to day life.


L x PWhat's your Protocol?

Maintaining balance in life! To me that's key... Balancing motherhood, business, family and a public lifestyle is the only way to keep everything moving smoothly.

I'm a mother first. Majority of my week is running my home and taking care of errands in my workout clothers and sneakers handling it all with my hair in a bun. Then when a meeting, trip or an event comes up with my husband, I will head to my closet and tranform!

L x P: Tell us about your AM Beauty Routine...

I like to keep my daily routine simple. Gentle wash with my favorite Dior Hydra Life Youth Essential Hydrating Cleansing Foam that leaves my skin feeling clean and not drying which is very important to me. 

After Cleansing, I apply Kerstin Florian correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Crème SPF 30 moisturizer (year round), when my skin seems dry during the day. Sometimes I like to apply rose water mist following up with my makeup which includes, Light concealer, blending powder, mascara, and a natural color lip gloss. Not forgetting about the one thing that pulls together my entire face, my eyebrows! Eyebrow gel is a MUST!

L x P: Tell us about your PM Beauty Routine...

Remove make up, wash face and moisturize if needed. During the harsh winter times I use a serum and then I follow up with an evening moisturizer

L x P: What's your first fashion memory...

My mothers has this story to this day about how everyday I wanted to we wear this cheetah print body suit with fringe on it... Yes! I said fringe and It was black and pink to add to the picture. 

Everyday day no matter where we went, I wanted to wear it and would cry when I couldn't. I guess that may have been my first fashion memory... And today fringe leopard and body suits are all in style just not all in one!


 L x P: What's the best beauty advice you've ever received...

Always wear sunblock on your face, no matter the weather or time of year.

It fights against dark spots, aging and skin cancer. 

L x P: What does it mean to be an empowered female...

To me, an empowered women today is one who makes decisions to shape their own destiny. One who has strength, intuition and self determination, morals and values.

A woman who knows who she is, what she wants, and isn't afraid to go for it. That can be in anything, not just business. In home, a community, the world and personally. A woman who keeps expanding her limits, growing and taking a stand to do so if need be.

L x P: How do you take care of yourself everyday to stay balanced and centered...

Progress gives me a sense of balance in and fulfillment.

Everyday I try to set a task or two to accomplish and complete. You know we can't do everything in one day or too much can burn us out. But if I can accomplish at least that one thing, I feel the day has had some progress. If I accomplish more, than thats great as well. It keeps me going daily and through my week.

Also I try to eat healthy options for my meals, and try to get enough sleep. On certain days, a nice workout session or meditation, especially outdoors can help balance out my day and week!

Being outdoors with fresh air and nature helps soothe my spirit and soul. In addition, if I can always get a workout in, I try to get a walk in everyday. As a mother, I'm usually accompanied by my daughter, which its even better! She also adds to my balance. 

L x P: What's the difference between being sexual and being sexy...

"Sexual" is relating to sexual acts, feelings or maybe even sexual preferences, while "Sexy" is having appeal or attractiveness. 

To me being sexy is a feeling of your own beauty; your own power in your body and soul. Completely empowering as a woman. If you own your own sexy, that's sexy within itself. I feel you can feel sexy just for you! Since the beginning of time women always had to feel they're "supposed" to be desired by others/men and though many may feel that you want to be desired, which is normal, your sexuality doesn't have to exist for someone else. To me, to be sexual more implies someone outside of ourselves. This could be one who is very much in touch with their sensual side and is not afraid to express their sexuality towards the person they are attracted too. In other words, intimate physical contact between two individuals; sexual expressions.


L x P: What's your desire...


  To live and enjoy life!

L x P: Tell us what would we find in your handbag...

Lipgloss.  Dry, or cracked lips are a no no!

L x P: What's the three Must-Haves products we would find in your for makeup bag...

Bronzing powder , tinted lip balm and eyebrow gel.

L x P: What does family and the joys of motherhood mean to you...

My support, my heart, unconditional love, my joy, my happiness, through ups and through down, children and family are priceless! Nothing truly means more. Having these special people God gave you to share your journey through life is just amazing. It gives you purpose! When it come to motherhood, There's nothing like...

"I love you Mom," there's truly no other feeling I can compare that too.