by, Julia Jovone

Name: Marquita Smith

Current Company/Work: Mother,

Author, Speaker and Founder/Creator


"How I Grew Today"

State: New Jersey

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The way Taye Diggs describes Sanaa Lathan in the movie "Brown Sugar... "She's the perfect verse over a type beat." Marquita Smith gives that quote power and significance for sure! An amazing woman of Faith and Strength as well as a walking inspiration to many. A woman of many hats, however, she adores motherhood and enjoys life with her amazing 11 year old son River. She's also a very close and dear friend to me, more like a sister-friend whom I've looked up to for many years. Marquita is the author of "P.S. Please Pray For Me" a book that is filled with sacred wisdom graciously culled from generations before her, composed with prayers to her female ancestors, asking to be released from her inherited baggage while simultaneously praying for their souls.

Come along this Journey with us as we share with you a moment of style and grace featuring the beautiful, Marquita Smith.

  Lips and Protocol: What's Your Protocol (Describe your lifestyle rules, fashion, beauty & everyday life. Things you enjoy....

  MS: First comes self. Self care is so important to me. Mainly because I have witnessed, the side effects of a lack of self care and nurturing. Each day starts with Gratitude, Prayer and Meditation. Exercise is essential as well. I vary what I do. Pilates, Yoga, anti-gravity, dance. Eating healthy and taking the right supplements are important as well. I listen to my body and follow its lead. One month it may be juicing, or eating according to a low fod diet, and then the next few months I may eat more protein and green leafy veggies. Watching my sugar intake is something I do regardless of how I'm eating. As far as style, I like to take the "Effortless Style" approach, being stylish without trying so hard for both beauty and fashion; a polished bohemian style with a bit of edge.

   Lips and Protocol :What's your AM Beauty Routine...

   MS: Skin health and skin care are very important to me. Every day after my morning cleanse I use a Vitamin C serum and blemish Defense Serum. I top it all off with moisturizer and a sunscreen. 

   Lip and Protocol: What's your PM Beauty Routine...


- Cleanse

- Retinol Serum and depending on the weather, I will either do a heavier moisturizer or a Rose Oil Serum by Red Flower that I Love! (I want to bath in this oil)


   Lips and Protocol: Tell us Marquita, what's your first fashion memory....

  MS: My first pair of designer jeans... I was in the fourth grade. I couldn't stop going to the bathroom looking at the design on the back pocket... I couldn't believe that I had a pair of Jordache Jeans. lol

  Lips and Protocol: What's the BEST beauty advice you've received...

  MS: Wax that mustache, pluck those brows and take care of your skin.

  Lips and Protocol: How do you balance career and entrepreneurship...

  MS: It can be challenging, but surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs and creative minds is important. We all need a sounding board to bounce ideas off of and to help us keep things in perspective.

  Lips and Protocol: In your handbag there is always...

  MS: GUM GUM and more GUM... and whatever fragrance I'm wearing that day.

   Lips and Protocol: What are your favorite three must-have products for the makeup bag? 

  MS: Lipstick/Gloss, Bronzer, Charlotte Tillbury Wonder Glow

  Lips and Protocol: Who would you consider your beauty icon...

  MS: My Mom, she was beautiful inside and out. She had flawless skin, and she had an approachable sophistication about her. The fact that she had a heart of Gold, made her shine even brighter on the outside. She personified beauty through and through. 

  Lips and Protocol: Your Desire is...

  MS: To live fully in my experience of being exactly who I am and to encourage others to do the same. 

  Lips and Protocol: What does family and the joys of motherhood mean to you?

  MS: It means everything to me. Motherhood gives me clarity on who I am as a woman. How I'm showing up in this world is reflected in how my child thinks, feels and process'. I'm able to see the kind of woman I am through my inter-actions with him. He teaches me about myself as I teach him.


  Lips and Protocol: What advice would you give to other young women looking to cultivate their creative passions?

  MS: Be uninhibited off the bat and then reel yourself in. Often times we edit ourselves before we even get out the gate (Self-censoring) Let it all flow and then trim and tailor where you need to.

  Lips and Protocol: What's one ritual you recommend more women adopt to acquire and develop inner beauty and wellness?

  MS: Spend time with yourself daily. In meditation, prayer, visualization or just sit in silence. Even if its 15 min. Check in with yourself. Give yourself what you need: silence, encouragement, a thoughtful word, a nap. Just take a minute.