Occupation: Actress on Greenleaf (Zora Greenleaf) and in the upcoming film "Monster" as Renee Pickford

Location: New York City

Photographer: Ananta


Makeup Artist: Julia Jovone

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by, Julia Jovone

The vibrancy that excludes from this beautiful and talented Actress,  Lovie Simone,  is like a breathe of fresh air. I met Lovie Simone while shooting on the set of the upcoming film "Monster" which is directed by the amazing Anthony Mandler. His first film directorial debut. 

Her energy exudes enthusiasm and grace all wrapped in one with a bonus of a bright beautiful smile. This young lady's energy was such a pleasure to be around on set and as a bonus I truly enjoyed doing her makeup on and off the camera. Can you blame me, look at this face!

Ladies and Gents I bring to you Lovie Simone! Here she joins us at What's Your Protocol" to fill us in on her daily beauty routine and to share with us what inspires her everyday lifestyle. 


L X P: So Lovie, We would love to know, What's Your Protocol? (Describe your lifestyle rules, Fashion Style & Everyday Life. What are the things you enjoy?

LS: I am in love with fashion. My fashion rules are to find yourself in clothing and never be defined by trends. 

I consider myself classic. There are no rules to beauty. I find beauty in everyone. 

My everyday goal is to be happy and spread positivity amongst all those I encounter. I enjoy learning new makeup techniques, reading, cooking and finding out where good food is in my city. I'm a MAJOR foodie!

L X P: What's your AM/PM beauty routine?

LS: My AM Beauty Routine Is to brush my teeth of course, wash my face with Kate Somerville Daily Foaming Cleanser and moisturize with my Nivea Cream.

My PM Beauty Routine... remove my makeup with my cleansing oil, using my Kate Somerville Daily Foaming cleanser and showering. After that I use SoLO Body Soufflé, my moms homemade body soufflé that contains organic products leaving my skin extra glowyyyy. (Available soon)

L X P: Tell us, whats your first fashion memory?

LS: My first fashion memory was going into my fashion class and being completely transformed when I found out my love for high waisted pants.

L X P: The best beauty advice you've ever received...

LS: To gently wash my face using my hands because too much irritation causes acne!!!

L X P: How do you find time to balance your career and "Me Time"?

LS: Whenever I am free I enjoy reading, listening to music or face timing my mom or sister so I can feel at home.

L X P: In your handbag there is always...

LS: GUM!!!! Lotion, perfume, gloss and advil, just in case!

L X P: What would you say the three must-haves products for the makeup bag are?

LS: Lip Gloss, Highlighting Pallets and foundation, of course. 

L X P: Who's your beauty Icon?


 L X P:  What advice would you give other young women looking to cultivate their creative passions?

LS: As cliche as it sounds, to never ever give up and keep studying, and learning and working on your craft. As well as to not compare your achievements to anyone else's. 

L X P: What's you desire?

LS: To become an actress who is known for transformation and not stuck in one genre and to be a human who  is known for their humor as well as generosity.

L X P: Whats one ritual you recommend more women adopt to acquire and develop inner beauty and wellness?

LS: To spread love instead of hate. Give out compliments to make others feel better! and to be positive. Energy is contagious  and it starts with YOU!