Profession: Actress/ Model

Location: Los Angeles, CA



The beautiful Actress, Model and all time funny girl Ms. Laila Odom is HERE! Such a pleasure to have her as our Protocol Sovereign Beauty and to have her share with us her "What's Your Protocol?" If you haven't checked out her Instagram, do yourself a favor and go follow her now. Laila will literally having you laughing out loud from the amazing postings of her videos You'll thank me later. 

Dive into the journey of her daily self care rituals as she shares with us all the wonderful things that make her smile and get her going from day to day.


LxP: What’s your Protocol? (Describe your lifestyle rules (Fashion (style),Beauty & Everyday Life, things you enjoy)

Laila: My fashion protocol daytime is definitely comfort first! I love DL1961 jeans, a cool graphic v-neck t-shirt and sneakers! My evening protocol could also include jeans too, but a sexy top or a dress which tends to be easier to just slip on, then accessorize. Even though I’m already tall… I love a good heel


My beauty protocol MUST include my monthly facial and if I don’t have to wear make-up I don’t !

My everyday protocol is just striving to be the best.

I also enjoy cooking, working out, travel and spending time with good creative people. 

LxP: What's the best beauty advice You have ever received?

Laila: Drink water all the time and use sunscreen

LxP: What is your desire?

Laila: My desire is to connect to people thru my work as an actress. I  always want to give the most  honest portrayal of any character I play or create.

LxP: When you close your eyes and imagine an empowered woman, what do you see?

Laila: To me an empowered woman, is any woman that exudes strength and confidence, without compromising her self respect.

LxP: What is the biggest way in which you see women helping other women reach empowerment?

Laila: Women can help other women reach empowerment, by just supporting. I believe if we get mentored, we should then mentor someone else and keep inspiring and empowering on another.

LxP: How do you take care of yourself everyday so that you stay balanced and centered?

Laila: I stay balanced and centered by praying and applying the principles of just being a good person I was taught as a child :)