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Once Upon A Time in The West Village...

"Nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard" ~ Steve Carell

On Crisp Sunny, early Fall day our Lips and Protocol Sovereign Beauty Stephanie Lacapra decided to step into the fashionable west village of NYC with Photographer Ananta of www.thnwblk.com 

and give us a smile like no other.


Photographer Anata and the crew had such an amazing time capturing her shots. With this gorgeous denim dress, she graced the west village flowing with nothing but smiles adding a bonus to our shoot.


 I adore Stephanie's fashion sense and the confidence she displays. She's a Pisces woman and her internal spirit continues to shine bright regardless of what her day may seem like. She beautifully exudes grace and patience. 

Stephanie's totally all about comfort. It's a great feeling when its fall and you've been blessed with high 60's - 70 degree weather in NYC Yet you can still play with an off the shoulder denim dress. 

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