by, Julia Jovone

Name: Mali Magic



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As we enter the beauty of Springtime. Life blooms and days are filled with sunshine. We are greeted with the magic of renewal and the essence of fresh air and new beginnings. 


My recent conversation with the magical beauty herself, King Mali Magic, is filled with a warmth and a giving spirit like no other. Her uniqueness and amazing gift of beauty is filled with the most powerful presence of a woman who's destined for greatness walking positively into her purpose.

Not only is she a dear friend of mine for many years, she's more like family. A sister/friend whom I am very proud of. She's a rock mom uplifting and supporting her family along her journey, while spreading love and sharing her gift with others.

I'm so happy to have Mali as one of our Protocol Sovereign Beauties.

Lips x Protocol: What's your Protocol?

King Mali Magic:

There is a quote by Anaïs Nin: " How can I accept a limited definable self when I feel, in me, all possibilities?" - I remind myself to read this quote every morning. This is how I start my day. I learned how to tap into my Magic early in life. Now that I've mastered it, I show others how to open their Magic as well. 

My fashion sense is constantly changing. If I need to be inspired, I wear color. I wear Black while working. I can go from wearing a tailored suit to a MuMu. It's all about how I feel. No Rules! :)

I'm a parent, entrepreneur, beauty educator, Talent Agent, Makeup artist/Visual artist and the list goes on. I am happy when I'm able to give 100% to all of the many blessings in my life however I've learned self care is the most important. Work on yourself first and everything will come together.