Name: Keenyah Hill
Occupation: Model/Actress/ Entreprenuer
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Currently: Atlanta, GA
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Find Your Light

One day while I was out and about in LA hanging out at my favorite place " The Grove"  I met this beautiful soul, Keenyah Hill. We have been trying to arrange a shoot and interview for quite some time since then. But it wasn't until the universe saw fit for us to do it on its timing. I had the pleasure to arrange this amazing shoot with doing the makeup and photography on my own just to bring you all this amazing interview.


As you all know, Keenyah was on America's Next Top Model and has graced the pages of major magazines like, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Vibe, US Weekly and Seventeen. She has also been seen strutting runways for Alice & Olivia, Indashio and Custo Barcelona. Keenyah has indeed taken the modeling industry by storm. She has also found her true passion for mentoring and empowering young
women entering the entertainment industry.


She quickly decided to embark on a
nationwide university and college tour. Which has led her to also embracing her entrepreneurial saavy by continuing to visit universities and colleges, and beginning "Find Your Light" a new series of workshops geared towards young women entering the modeling industry.

With her busy schedule and ongoing demands of life, we are so grateful to have Keenyah as our Protocol Sovereign Beauty. She shares with us her Protocol on life, living and empowering others. Hope you'll enjoy!

What’s your Protocol? (Describe your lifestyle rules (Fashion (style),Beauty & Everyday Life, things you enjoy)

Lifestyle rules I love to follow are for one... feel the vibe, fit the mood!! Particularly when it comes to fashion, mold the way you represent yourself through fashion based on how you feel for the day! It’s a guaranteed win :) Beauty- keep it simple and be yourself. Trying to live up to societies standards of beauty will always leave you feeling as though you aren’t enough ; when the truth is- you always were and always are. The last rule is to always make yourself happy!! We’re here to have fun and thrive in our experience and time on earth. Enjoy yourself ;)

What is your desire?
My desire is to always grow and constantly bloom into the Woman I have always wanted to be. As a lover, as a nurturer, as a daughter, sister, friend and most importantly as a child of God.

When you close your eyes and imagine an empowered woman, what do you see?

I see a woman who is on fire with love for herself first and foremost and with love for others. One who is confident, bold, unapologetic and strong. A woman who stands in her power and knows her worth.  🖤

What is the biggest way in which you see women helping other women reach empowerment?

Through LOVE!! Loving ourselves fully first and then letting our cups runneth over to where ever the love flows. Support, empathy, having foresight, dreaming BIG and taking action are all great ways in which we can uplift and encourage other women to reach empowerment.

What’s the difference between being sexual and being sexy?

Being sexual to me is just a part of being human and is what makes us animalistic/ a part of nature... it’s in our DNA.. being
Sexy however is having an inner connection with your sexual instincts and allowing it translate, spill and ooze into everything that you do from what you wear to how you drink your coffee in the morning. It’s the energetic vibration of sexuality that is in us all.