Name: Gracie Odoms


Emmy Nominated Celebrity Hairstylist

Hometown: Philadelphia

  • Instagram - Grey Circle

Gracie Odoms, known as Madame Jeuge and brightening everyones day filling it with sprinkles of ooh lala, as she says, Is a beaming of  light filled with love and sweet spirits. I've known Gracie for sometime now and truly enjoy her friendship and energy. This beautifully spirited and magical Trans Woman of Jeuge as well as Emmy Nominated Hairstylist and personal Hairstylist to Jada Pinket-Smith, shares with us what sets her soul on fire with purpose through her amazing journey. Get ready to get "Jeuged"

L x P: What's your protocol? ( Describe your lifestyle rules)

Gracie:  My Protocol is to create and live a life that sets my soul on fire full of passion, adventure, knowledge, and growth while doing it beautifully and gracefully for the love of Glamour and Truth! 


Inspiring others to create their own tailor made destiny . Making sure to share and enjoy the journey with family, friends and friends that I have not met yet .


To be at peace, yet on fire at the same time knowing that I am nothing without God as inner peace is the new success . 

L x P: Best beauty advice you have ever received...

Gracie: Best Beauty Advice I've gotten is that "Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world . No amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart. 

L x P: What is your desire?

Gracie: My desire is to be a Universal name and force all around the world creating magic and being abundantly blessed for it! I want to bask in an unlimited amount of prosperity healthy and happily in all areas of my life. My purpose, my love partnership and creating a modern family of my own has always weighed in equally important as my top priority and goal in life . 


L x P: When you close your eyes and imagine and empowered woman, what do you see?

Gracie:  I see a strong gracious confident beautiful woman who is not afraid to be fearlessly and authentically her. She knows her value and importance in world. She's Free, She's a Boss and She Pumps to beat of her own drum!

L x P: What is the biggest way in which you see women helping other women reach empowerment?

Gracie: I see women cheering and rallying other women on because they know and understands what it takes to be a woman in this world, no matter what kind of woman you are. I've been blessed to have some support from women who have embraced me into woman and sister hood with me being of the Trans Woman experience. So much gratitude always and forever to and for you Julia/JSoul. You are the answer to this question for me personally. They celebrate each other, compliment each other, they are honest with each other, they listen to each other with no judgement. They all celebrate, support and lift each other up, standing on the shoulders of each other. Most importantly they pray for and with each other!