Name: Dr. Genovia Holmes aka Dr. Slay

Occupation: Founder, CEO of Take Care S.I.S., Speaker, and Post Doctoral Fellow and Therapist at the Jones Center for Children's Therapy and Assessment

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Residing: Dallas, Texas

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She's not only an amazing woman of faith, Doctor, and founder of "Take Care Sis" she's my cousin, my family and I'm so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. Genovia has recognized her calling with spreading love and hope to so many other woman through her Self Love sessions. With great pleasure I share with you " What's Your Protocol" featuring Dr. Genovia Holmes.

What’s your Protocol? (Describe your lifestyle rules (Fashion (style),Beauty & Everyday Life, things you enjoy)


When it comes to fashion, I am quite defiant. I believe that subscribing to the latest trends and fads get in the way of my self-expression. Our personal style is a nonverbal mode of communication, and I love expressing myself to others in this manner. I would describe my style as classic, chic, with a splash of edge and androgyny. I absolutely love menswear, in particular the classic white button-up. I have a growing collection in my wardrobe and enjoy styling it in many different ways.


As for beauty, I like to keep it natural and simple. I feel most beautiful when I can look in the mirror and still see myself. I currently get a lot of my inspiration from the French when it comes to makeup. I am obsessed with that simple, effortless, imperfect, yet chic look.


With respect to my everyday life, for me it truly is about the simple pleasures in life. I believe in living simply, mindfully, gratefully, positively, and living on purpose in purpose. Everything and everyone is not for you and do not deserve nor require your energy. Be authentically and unapologetically you, and everything that is meant for you cannot be repelled.

What is your desire?


My desire is…First and foremost is to do all that God has called me to do and be all that He has created me to be. Additionally, I desire to inspire others in everything I do and in all that I am whether, it is through one of my self-care sessions or speaking engagements through my brand, Take Care S.I.S., one of my therapy clients, through my personal testimony and/or life journey, positive vibes, etc. Every day, I intend to inspire, impart, and impact at least one individual because I believe there is no limit or one way to doing so.

What does it mean to be an empowered female?


To be an empowered female is to be confident, secure, self-aware, strong, and faith-filled when she stands alone or when she stands amongst other women. An empowered female has the strength to uplift and encourage other women and has the insight that putting another woman down negatively affects her own well-being. An empowered woman is inspired and not intimidated by other empowered women. She knows that hate is a waste of inspiration, motivation, and love.

When you close your eyes and imagine an empowered woman, what do you see?


When I close my eyes and visualize an empowered woman, I see my mother and other maternal figures in my life, twin sister, many women in my family, close female friends, and my ancestors. All of these beautiful and power-filled women in my life truly inspire me in many different ways. I am an empowered woman because of them. As the saying goes, “Empowered women, empower women.”

Tell us a little bit about your own personal path of empowerment? What was significant?


Reflecting on my personal path of empowerment, I would have to say it started during my childhood being brought up in a household that promoted my self-esteem and overall self-concept. Growing up, I was then able to reciprocate those positive message and acts toward others and it was especially important to do so with my fellow sisters – both young and old. It’s almost as if my empowerment battery gets charged up whenever I can empower someone else. I now understand that part of my calling is to uplift and inspire other girls and women. And I am so grateful that my parents were able to cultivate this gift within me at a very early age.