Faiven Feshazion

Name: Faiven Feshazion

Profession: Stewart Talent & Bella Agency, Actress and Model

City: New York City

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The beauty of this wondrous soul is kicking the remaining of Sweet 2016 off right. Faiven is gracing our lives through TV and print, with a confidence that burst through any pages of any magazine, right before our very eyes, landing gracefully on our Television screens. She has signed on with a new modeling agency  and is giving total meaning to living a life on purpose.


Sit back and relax! As we prepare to take you off on a wondrous journey. Get inspired by this amazing goddess as she opens up to us about her day to day living and tells us the Protocol of her life. 

What's your protocol? (Describe your lifestyle rules, Fashion style, Beauty and Everyday Life, things you enjoy)

Health and happiness is my protocol. I am the most productive when I am my optimal self! Fitness is very important to me, so I try to workout everyday. To look and feel my best, I also try to cook and eat clean as much as possible.

Since I am a New Yorker and a minimalist who is regulary on the go, I keep my wardrobe and primping routine simple! I am totally guilty of wearing all black all the time, and my daily makeup application consists of concealer, mascara, and lip balm.

Socially I get the most satisfaction out of doing absolutely nothing with my friends. Laying in the park or sipping wine in my living-room is pretty much as riveting as it gets and I couldn't be more grateful for those moments.

My AM Beauty Routine...

I use a Bioré Charcoal bar soap as my face wash and follow with Cetaphil lotion as a moisturizer. I used to jump back and forth between different products but I found that this combination is the best deep clean and moisture for my face.

My PM Beauty Routine...

I remove my makeup with an oil free makeup remover and cotton balls before cleansing again with the charcoal bar. A few nights per week I do a deep clean with my eclectronic exfoliating brush in conjuction with the bar soap lather. Next I use a toner, then follow with the Cetaphil lotion. If I see a pimple or feel one coming I dab a bit of benzoyl peroxide cream in that area. The few extra steps at night really make a bug difference!.

Your first fashion memory...

When I was the flyest ballerina for Halloween in Kindergarten. My pink tutu was on fleek!

Best Beauty Advice you've recieved...

Definitely from my mom when she said makeup is suppose to enhance your natural beauty, not hide it. 

On balancing career and entrepreneurship...

They are one in the same! As an actor I am my own brand and my own business. The freelance quality of the craft allows for me to make all of my own choices from the projects I take on, to time management in general. My corporate business background has helped me enormously in my current situation. 

In my handbag there is always...


What's your three must-haves products your makeup bag...

Concealer, Mascara, and setting spray.

Who would you say your beauty icon is...

The editor of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth

"Get used to liking what you

see in the mirror in your natural state and go at least

1 day per week without

anything extra"

Faiven Feshazion

What is your desire...

To be of use to others. I'd love to reach a level in my career where I have an audience to positively influence people, especially young black girls; I want to make sure they know that they are beautiful and worthy and so is their natural hair.

What advice would you give to other young women looking to cultivate their creative passions?

Have a plan and take your time. Your goals don't have to be accomplished within the year. For a while I made the mistake of trying to juggle several pursuits at once; only when I stopped and focused on one at a time did I see tangible results.

What's one ritual you recommend more woman adopt to acquire and develop inner beauty and wellness?

"Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on" for sure! Get used to liking what you see in the mirror in your natural state and go at least 1 day per week without anything extra.