by Julia Jovone
Name: Sharene Wood
Current Company/Work:
President & CEO, 5001 Flavors
President & CEO, Harlem Haberdashery
City: Bergen County, NJ -
Born and raised in Harlem, NY
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Photography by Ceary X @cearyx

Makeup Artist

Lakeisha Dale @keeshology_mua

A true World Wide Woman, Mrs. Sharene Wood has been in the fashion game for many years. Serving as President & CEO of 5001 Flavors, a custom clothing and design company as well as President & CEO of the popular Harlem Haberdashery Shop on Lenox Avenue in Harlem, NY alongside her husband Guy Wood. The pair have been known to dress everyone from Biggie to Elmo.  


She's the rock behind two businesses and still manages to take care of her rock mom & wifely duties at home. Sharene is another Protocol Sovereign Beauty that wears many hats, yet continues to deliver CEO status on every level. I was so honored to feature Mrs. Wood for "What's Your Protocol". She's an incredible inspiration to many, as she continues to serve and run a business in Harlem, NY where she was born and raised. It's amazing to see this phenomenal woman dedicated to her family, business and community. 

Get to know Sharene Wood on another level as she shares with us on how she's able to multi-task her life and career.


Lips and Protocol: So, Sharene, What's your protocol

SW: I love simplicity. I respect details but love that sometimes less is more. So I'm never over accessorized or beat to the Gods every day. lol... I love classic silhouettes designs and classic handbags that are on trend, yet not too trendy.

Having busy lifestyle means that you have to do more with less. I love looks that can switch from desk to night with the change of one accessory, handbag or heels. 

Lips and Protocol: What's your AM & PM beauty routine?

SW: My AM beauty routine... Wake Up At 6am. Full Body Stretch. Wash My Face. Brush Teeth. Perform all my mommy duties to get my daughter ready for school so she's dressed with her done & eating breakfast while I'm getting ready then I finish getting mySelf! Most days I just put under eye concealer and lip gloss on. I only wear full make up if I'm doing an interview or some PR. 

MY PM: My PM beauty routine… After a long day at work and at after school activities with my daughter I absolutely love to come home and unwind. After getting dinner prepared for my family and getting my daughter to sleep I can happily unwind... wash my face , take off my clothes take a long bath and slip into my PJs and spend a little quality time with my husband.

Lips and Protocol: Being in the fashion industry for so long, Can you tell us your first fashion memory?

SW: My mom used to make these cute little outfits for me and she made me the cutest little yellow and white gingham dress that I absolutely loved!

Lips and Protocol: Tell us, what's the best beauty advice you've ever received?

SW: Millie Bell, from Skin Health Solutions, has the best products ever and told me to make sure my skin is always moisturized. So I use their dermHA Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care line and absolutely love love love it!!

Lips and Protocol: How do you balance your career and entrepreneurship?

SW:  For me Career and entrepreneurship are one in the same. My husband, Guy Wood and I have several businesses now.  He and I are about to celebrate our 25th anniversary for our oldest business 5001 FLAVORS. We started the business together while I was in college and it has grown from one customer to thousands after 25 years in business. We branched off of that business to open up a retail store Harlem Haberdashery located on Lenox Ave. in Harlem, New York City. We'll will continue to expand our brands on a yearly basis.

Lips and Protocol: In your handbag you can always find...

SW: In my handbag there is always…

My cell phone, a phone charger, lipgloss, my wallet, Bobby pins for a quick bun, my very long handwritten to do list, and a pencil ... I never carry a pen because I had one explode in my handbag once and It was an absolute nightmare.

Lips and Protocol: What's your three must-haves products for your makeup bag?

SW: Three Must-Haves products for the makeup bag are…

Moisturizer, under eye concealer, lipgloss or lipstick

Lips and Protocol: Who would you say your beauty icon is?

SW: My beauty icon is…

Lena Horne , growing up she was always so beautiful, so graceful, so poised, so well spoken and so elegant

Lips and Protocol: What's your desire?

SW: To leave this world a better place for my children and to leave a transferable business legacy, brand and wealth for my family.

Lips and Protocol: What does it mean to be an empowered female?

SW: Being an empowered female means that you believe in yourself and those around you. That your success and happiness is measured based on your own growth, journey and goals. You complete your self and your family, friends, colleagues and successes are all life bonuses  that you get to enjoy and be a part of.

Lips and Protocol: When you close your eyes and imagine an empowered woman, what do you see?


SW:  I see someone committed to herself, her well being, her family, their future, their well being, her legacy, her community and all of the people in it

Lips and Protocol: What’s the difference between being sexual and being sexy?


SW: Great question. To me sexual is the ability to be able to perform the act with varying degrees of skill in your adventurous bedroom activities. But sexy is more a feeling that you have or exude. Being sexy is more about confidence and self assurance! You can be sexy in a pair of jeans just just as you can be sexy in the cutest little lingerie! 

Lips and Protocol: What is the biggest way in which you see women helping women reach empowerment?


SW: I think women helping other younger women realize their potential through mentoring and networking is so important. 

Lips and Protocol: Tell us a little bit about your own personal path of empowerment? What was significant?


 SW: I have always felt empowered.. even as a little girl. I was always confident and outspoken. I definitely get that from my mom!! My daughter, Sydney, is the same way! I think it's important to empower young girls in all area as early as you can so they grow into stronger women!

Lips and Protocol: What role do men play in supporting empowered women? How have men supported you?


SW: Men play an important role in supporting empower women. I think now more than ever women and men must cleave closer together in romantic relationships, in family relationships and in professional relationships at the workplace, to effectively move forward together. I think we need to become more tightknit, unified, connected to work towards common goals to better our lives, our futures, our communities and our country.

Lips and Protocol: How do you take care of yourself everyday so that you stay balanced and centered?


 I definitely try to make time for myself each and every day to do something that's just for me. Whether it's a personal service, reading a book or article that interest me, meditating in silence.. as long as it's something that I want to do thats just for me.